JNC macrame

Among our numerous sponsors, JNC Macrame, a local macrame products manufacturer, has been one of the oldest and most generous. Run by Ms Hau Le, the younger sister of Ms Hang Le (NTO’s founder), it is JNC’s ultimate mission to empower local women in Nui Tuong by providing them with creative, stable-income jobs in the rapidly developing industry of household and decor products made of macrame.

Since the very beginning days of Nui Tuong, JNC has supported us in various ways, both financially and emotionally. In the hardest times, especially during COVID, it was due to JNC’s tireless support in finance and facilities that helped us push through and maintain our daily operation.

JNC Macrame’s team of local young women and Nui Tuong team

Over the past years, JNC’s most notable contributions to our project include:

  • Sponsored various household and decor products such as hammocks, plant hangers, bottle holders…
Nui Tuong’s living room decorated with beautiful macrame products
  • Sponsored materials for children’s indoor and outdoor play:
Rainbow bridge with macrame strings on the sides
Macrame strings for a climbing wall
  • Provided laptops for local students’ use and helped us connect with other potential sponsors:
Ms Hau Le, JNC Macrame’s CEO (first one on the right) and Nui Tuong team

We hereby would like to express our deepest gratitude for JNC Macrame’s team, and also wish for a continued fruitful partnership between JNC and Nui Tuong in the future.

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