We’re currently offering 3 types of accommodation:

Brick room in the Community Center

Capacity: 3 adults (subcharge applied for the 4th adult)

Facilities: built-in toilet

Nested on the first floor of the magnificent Community Center, the 4 brick rooms are a perfect choice for families with young children. The rooms are surrounded by bamboo trees, cute flowers and boasts a great view to either Dong Nai river or a stream.

Bamboo hut in the middle of the garden

Capacity: 4 adults (subcharge applied for the 5th adult)

Facilities: shared toilet

Nested in the middle of our picturesque garden are our 2 bamboo huts. The huts are ideal for adventurous tourists who love the idea of waking up to the spectacular view to Dong Nai river and the cheerful songs of birds.

Wooden room in the main area

Capacity: 5 adults (subcharge applied for the 6th adult)

Facilities: shared toilet

Located in our main area, the wooden room is a match for large families or groups of friends, for its close proximity to the dining room and shared toilet. The wooden room looks to a small yard in which children can play catch or hide-and-seek.

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