In a modern changing world, where the education has prioritized theory over practice, knowledge over skills, and business development
oriented over physical activities and mental growth, the youth has struggled to define personal goals, ideals, and dreams. Increasingly, they
have focused on learning skills for earning, business, economic success, and wealth accumulation. There are less emphasis on moral
values, ethics, human relationships, and connection with nature. Inadvertently, this trend leads younger generations to look outward rather
than inward for inner understanding and personal development.

In response, Nui Tuong (NT) embraces a distinctive educational model. Without separation academic knowledge imparted at schools, we
have considered it the sole foundation for nurturing young minds. We value the cultivation of soft skills, nurturing souls, and promoting
sustainable lifestyles, thus integrating both aspects into our approach. Beyond traditional academic subjects, NT offers students opportunities
for physical development and hands-on labor, enabling them to engage their minds and bodies fully. Here, students learn to live balanced,
sustainable lives in harmony with nature, fostering empathy, respect, sharing, and gratitude. Through this holistic education, they grow strong
in both spirit and physique.

After 8 years of dedicated efforts, NT students have emerged distinctly different from their peers. They are getting more confident, healthier,
and more well-rounded individuals, ready for comprehensive development in all facets of life. This success motivates us to expand with
confidence. By embracing an open-minded educational framework, NT empowers students to thrive holistically, ensuring their physical and
spiritual well-being

English classes

Our English classes are often medium-sized (15 or fewer students) and focus on English communication, some grammar and structures, and aim at boosting students’ confidence and broadening their perspectives. Besides learning from textbooks and materials, our students are encouraged to “explore” English via authentic media: songs, videos, movies, and communicate with our English-speaking tourists.

Our classes support a wide range of students, varying from primary students to high-school students and adults.

Currently, we are operating 4 English classes:

●Sao Class (for 1st-3rd graders)

●Suoi Class (for 3rd-5th graders)

●La Cam Class ( for secondary school students)

Nui Tuong Mentoring Program

Due to Covid-19, the students can not come to our center to learn social skills and get direct guidance on their personal development journey from Nui Tuong’s teachers. Therefore, we organize an online mentoring program in which we recruit both English and Vietnamese speaking mentors to match with our students (12-22 years old) providing one-on-one counseling sessions and following individually with a minimum 6 months of  commitment from mentors.

Our shared goals are:

  • Building good habits and inner strengths
  • Be able to find out students’ identities 
  • Gaining skills and knowledge 
  • family and supportive community mindset 
  • ●Adult Class (for adults)

Since the launch of Nui Tuong online mentoring program, it has gained the approval of many parents and families and was adored by our students. Since mid-September 2022, 30 pairs of mentor-mentee have been matched and we are witnessing a positive impact on the students’ personal development despite the challenge of the pandemic. Most students engaging in the program are from Nui Tuong community, yet we also welcomed many from other provinces  (HCMC, Hanoi, Can Tho, KonTum, Bien Hoa, etc.), matching with mentors across a variety of professions from all around Vietnam.

Want to know more about this opportunity? Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Summer program

Nui Tuong Summer Program is an annual educational program specifically designed to provide tweens and teens (aged 9-16) an eco-friendly, nature-loving, active and encouraging environment to learn, to play and to stay.

With the philosophy of “Love and Empowerment”, Nui Tuong aims to improve students’ physical and mental wellbeing by minimizing the impact of digital technology, improving children’s connection with nature, and offering a comprehensive curriculum that addresses students’ unique needs and interests. Students are encouraged to stay at least 1 month in Nui Tuong to learn practical skills, social skills, English communication skills, STEM, Arts & Crafts and gardening. Both of our volunteers and Core Team are involved in this summer program.

Weekend childcare program

10 local children aged 5-10 come to Nui Tuong during the weekends to enjoy a weekend program that includes lunch, English classes, art and music workshops, physical education and free play. The kids enjoyed our enormous, beautiful garden with numerous types of herbs, flowers, fruit trees and plants. Moral lessons are integrated in mostly any activities to cultivate good personal qualities during their early childhood development. The weekend program is run by both volunteers and Core Team.

Social skills training

After 2 years of COVID, our FutureU project has officially kicked off. During June 2022, we offered a series of 6 social skills training workshops to 20 local children aged 9-16. Our Core Team still played a leading role in promoting, organizing and teaching these classes. At the end of the series, students are gifted with school supplies and swimming tickets as an award for their participation.

Art club & Art workshops

Nui Tuong Art  Club is a  newly founded club run by 6 local students with the assistance of 10 student members that nurtures local talents and promotes creativity. The Club is currently in charge of 2 art workshops for young children on the weekends.

Community Events

Community Events are the largest annual events that hosts ~200 guests from both local areas and other parts of the country. Core-team students are in charge of everything: invitations, stage decorations, musical performances, and entertainment.

Interested in our education activities? Leave us a message at our hotline: 097 1239408 (Zalo) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please follow us on our social media to stay updated with our latest activities!

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