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PUM is an impact-driven organization with knowledgeable, committed and entrepreneurial people. PUM empower ambitious entrepreneurs in building a structurally better future for their community: socially, ecologically and economically.

They have 1200 experts across 30 countries, 30 sectors, a.o. educational institutes.


Mr. Hugo, a 70-year-old from PUM from Netherlands, came to Vietnam and stayed in Nui Tuong for two weeks to advise on community education and ecotourism models. During his visit, he got acquainted with the Team, shared experiences with the core group of local students, and interacted with international volunteers. He mentioned that this was his first experience staying in the countryside and living in such a multinational environment.

During his two-week stay, he visited Cat Tien National Park, Trieu Hai Waterfall, the Cocoa Farm and enjoyed local fruits, eating many fresh vegetables and fruits he had never tried before, such as durian and mangosteen…Before returning home, Mr. Hugo gave a valued presentation on ideas to improve the model for the team. We all listened and selected the most suitable and feasible suggestions to implement soon.

After back to Netherlands, Mr.Hugo is raising for us xxx EUF for Maker Space project.

Thank you so much Mr.Hugo and all PUM staff members.

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